Up to 12 months warranty on all refurbishments. Contact us to learn more 

Split rim wheel refurbishment is one of our specialities. Using our bespoke tools, we can repair, rebuild and refurbish any split rim. Split rim wheels have a distinctive appearance and can be combined with diamond cutting, polishing, and various paint finishes to create a strong impression.

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Service Information

Refurbishing a split rim alloy wheel involves more work than a standard alloy wheel, as the components of the split rim must be separated, processed individually, and reassembled after the refurbishment is complete. Split rim wheels can have two or three parts, plus centre caps and other accessories. If you are willing to separate the parts of the split rim wheels before sending them to us, we offer a lower price.

Our Split Rim Process

At Rolling Rims, we understand the importance of alloy wheels for any vehicle. That's why we provide a variety of services to keep your wheels in top condition. From basic repairs to custom split rim rebuilds, our team has the expertise to give you the perfect finish.

Step 1 - Remove

If you've bought your vehicle to us, we’ll jack your vehicle up, place it on axle stands and remove your wheels. Once your wheels are inside the workshop, we'll remove your tyres and valves, getting them ready for stripping.

Step 2 - Strip

Now your split rims have had the tyres and valves removed, we'll dismantle them so we can start prepping them for paint. Your split rim components are stripped using Rolling Rims unique chemical mixture, which removes all paint and grime, even from hard-to-reach areas.

Step 3 - Prep

Once your split rims are done soaking, they are moved to our steam cleaning bay. This allows us to remove all residue from the split rim components ensuring they are ready for the next steps. If your split rims are damaged, we’ll need to sand them down, weld and then media blast. Depending on the damage, we may need to fill some areas to get a level surface before painting. If there is excessive damage to any of the components we can supply new hardware.

Step 4 - Lip Finish

Depending on the lip style we can either polish, diamond cut or powder coat your lips.

Step 5 - Paint

Now your split rims have been prepped we can get them into our powder coating bay. Once inside we apply your specified colour to your faces and barrels and put them in the oven to cure. After they have cured we treat and protect the alloys using our specialist products, this involves lacquering the wheels to get them ready for the road ahead.

Step 6 - Rebuild

We now have all the pieces ready to be assembled, depending on your specification we will rebuild the split rims using your either your new or existing hardware.

Step 7 - Assemble

That's it! Your split rims are looking new and are ready to be built up. We'll put new valves in and your tyres back on. If your tyres are low on tread, we stock a wide variety of tyres. This is a great time to consider fitting new tyres if needed. We then balance the wheels and ensure they are within spec and ready to go back on your vehicle. *Note* - *TPMS stems will be reused if suitable. We will not refit tyres with excessive damage.*

Warranty Information

We provide a full 12-month warranty with all refurbishments. This excludes stone chips, curb damage, and damage around the bolt holes or around the lip caused by incorrect fitting. All warranty claims need to be inspected beforehand.


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