Powder Coating

(Powder Coating)


1: Your wheel is washed and the tyre is removed and inspected for damage or excessive wear. If there is a problem with the tyre or TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring systems) we will contact the customer immediately to give them the choice of finding a replacement themselves or having us supply a replacement.

All weights, valves and decals are removed and the wheels are inspected for cracks, dents and buckles. Our process from the start means each wheel/tyre and TPMS always go back together and are never mixed.

2: The wheels are then chemically stripped to remove all the old layers of primer, paint, lacquer and brake dust.

They are then placed into a wash machine to remove any traces of paint and chemicals left from the stripping process. Leaving a totally clean and contaminant free wheel ready for prepping. Once we have dried the wheels the surface is keyed to accept the powder.

3: Any damage to the wheel is repaired at this stage. For damaged wheels the area will be filled with aluminium weld and finished to its original shape and profile. Re-cleaned ready for powdering.

4: The wheel is now heated to apply the powder primer over the entire wheel providing a tough and super smooth base.

Once applied, we re-heat the wheels to cure the powder primer.

5: Now for the colours, we use manufacturer’s colours to get the perfect match, but you don’t have to stick to your original colours at all.

If you would like a custom finish we can change the colour of your wheels to almost any colour or effect of your choice.

6: Powder lacquer is applied as a final protective coating in either gloss, satin or matt.

This is extremely hard wearing and protects your wheels from the elements and aids in keeping your wheels clean and dust free.

7: After they have cooled, we fit new rubber valves or original TPMS, then they will have the tyres refitted and balanced using stick on weights to the inside of the wheel.

If the vehicle is on site or they’ve been removed by us, they will be re-fitted and torqued to the correct settings.

8: Tyre pressures are set as recommended factory settings unless stated by customers.