Our Services


Rolling Rims offer a number of different services for alloy wheel refurbishment from Diamond Cutting to Powder Coating. Please take a look at our services below.


Tyre will be removed and the wheel put on our mini lathe. At this point we mark out the bends and now we put the required amount of heat into the whole barrel. Now we use a series of rollers to ease the bends back out…. NOTE- because of the heat applied this may discolour the area but if your wheel is being refurbed at the same time then this is not an issue, and all included in the price of refurbishment.


We can colour code your wheels to your car body colour or pop in and choose from a massive range of colours from our swatches. You could start by viewing our gallery online. We have special effects or can do one off mixes to your requirements and for the diamond cut finishes we have a full range of tints available. We work very closely with the suppliers of our powders and paints and are the 1st to get all the latest stuff out. NOTE- any special colours need to be booked/ordered in advance.


Lots of manufactures and aftermarket wheels are now diamond cut. You can tell this by looking at the face of the wheel and this should look like the back of a cd (i.e. the lines and brightness) and will be a different colour to your inserts. We have in house the cnc lathe and fully trained technicians to refinish these wheels, this is added to the powder coating process the rest of your wheel will go through including baking on an anti-corrosive spray to seal off the fresh cut surface before applying the powder lacquer, this is far more durable than wet lacquer which is what a lot of other companies use.


We will remove all the bolts and break the wheel down to either a 2 or 3 piece split rim and refurbish all the parts individually. We mask all the mateing faces with a heat resistant tape so on the rebuild they will be face to face as they should be. NOTE- when removing bolts from a corroded wheel we may want extra time.


You could avoid costly bills when returning your vehicle back to a lease company with damaged wheels. Please check your policy in time to make a possible saving.


This is a nice smooth and tough durable finish that we bake on to all our painted wheels as a base before applying any colour followed by a clear powder lacquer in matte, satin or gloss. We will do our up most to achieve the best result possible but heavily corroded wheels are already pitted so please bare this in mind.

Tyre Swaps/Wheel Swaps

If booked in advance we have all the latest equipment to remove and fit tyres supplied by us or yourself to nearly all size of wheels 99% of the time without marking the rim. Our balancers are calibrated twice a year with upto date certificates.

Free Visual Tyre Health Check

Please feel free to pop in, call up or use the quote form attached to get a free no obligation quote. We also offer a free visual health check to tyres but we can only view the outside walls and the treads NOT the inside of the tyre.

Local Collection & Delivery

Here you will find a list of post codes that we cover for collections and delivery. If we are removing wheels and re fitting for you then we need as a must please- -LOCKING WHEEL TOOL -FLAT SOLID AREA/DRIVEWAY (A SAFE PLACE) -KEYS Your vehicle will be left on axle stands safe and solid and at your own risk BUT if someone drives into it the inevitable will happen!